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Pamper Me is a digital magazine where you can find everything related to beauty treatments, beauty services, massages, and more health and beauty related topics.

Hello, reader. I am Luca Horton and I am a talking-books clerk with a lovely 23-year-old daughter who is a bit of an entrepreneur. You see, she approached me for help with starting her own business, as she is quite good at every beauty treatment that she has ever found out about.

As a young modern woman, she knew one of the fundamentals of succeeding with her business was going to be digital marketing and getting her webpage. Although I’m with her supporting her efforts to the best of my abilities, I took a liking to manage this business, helping her support self-care routines for all our readers.

My daughter even suggested the name after I teased her about pampering night with her friends. She had asked me to find a photographer to take pics during facial cleaning sessions.

We were all over getting the magazine together and her friends even supported the idea. While I am the one keeping the site going, my dear daughter gives me new material to talk about constantly.

It has been a lovely experience where I have been able to help men and women look and feel better about themselves while building a stronger bond with my only child. I encourage all parents to get involved and serious about their grown kids’ self-care and implement the tips and guides you can find in Pamper Me to have better results.