Beauty and Self-Care Resources

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While we try to keep the magazine updated with the latest information and trends in beauty treatments and self-care routines, here are some additional resources you can turn to.

Jenni Raincloud – Blog

If you want to look good and still protect the environment by leading an organic and clean lifestyle, you need to subscribe to this blog. Jenni herself is an aesthetician that encourages her readers to stay beautiful and have healthy self-care routines while being in harmony with nature. Her specialty is skin-care and her advice is most useful and great.

Cosmetics by Caroline – YouTube Channel

Another resource that all our clean beauty and organic product fans will love, as it revolves around using what nature provides to make yourself prettier. In her YouTube channel, Caroline will tell you all about how you can discard all products of synthetic origin and still end up with flawless makeup looks.

Jordan Li – YouTube Channel

We’ve told you where to look for skincare advice and organic makeup, but now it is your hair’s turn to be pampered with the tips you will find on this channel. Jordan has a style that can be called casual at times and classy when she wants to, through quick hairstyles that anybody can pull off even at the last minute.

The Beauty Brains – Podcast

Now for those of you that like to receive the logical and scientific explanation behind skincare routines and products, you should start listening to this podcast. The Beauty Brains is hosted by scientists into cosmetology and they address all issues that you might have with skincare from a tried-and-tested, justified point of view.

These guys cover everything from how you need to eat to solve your skin’s issues to how you can use cleansers as shampoo sometimes.